Why Isn’t My House Selling?

Here at listaproperty.com, we are firm believers that sometimes selling (or renting your house) as a For Sale By Owner (For Rent By Owner) makes perfect sense. This is especially true if you are familiar with local real estate regulations, have the time it takes to properly market a home or if you have potential buyers arranged. However, what happens when you try to sell your property and it doesn’t move? Take a look at some of the top reasons and see if you are falling victim to these “mistakes.” Also, remember agents and brokers exist for a reason. It is hard work selling a house. If you have tried to sell your property with no success, we highly recommend looking through our Find An Agent Directory.

The following are some of the most common reasons your house might not be selling.

  1. Overgrown yard- Street appeal is very important. Make sure the garden / yard is neatly manicured. If your property has a pool it is imperative to keep the pool spotlessly clean. While your property is for sale, it’s worth it to hire a gardener to keep everything looking spotless.
  2. Smells- This one should be obvious but we’ve seen it all. Buyers want clean, fresh properties. Agents and Brokers insist that clients keep their houses spotless. If you are selling your property on your own, make sure to clean your litter box daily, remove garbage, and do not cook before showing a property. The liver and onions your grandmother taught you make probably does taste great. But it won’t sell a house.
  3. Animals- Lots of people are not animal people and this is especially true of dogs. Try to get your dog out of your property while showing it. Do you have a pet friendly neighbor who can watch Fido while you are showing your property? Barking can be distracting. Being sniffed or jumped on is very off putting.
  4. Your décor – This is an emotionally charged one.  While your yellow walls, leopard print sofa and knickknacks galore reflect your personal style, it can be very difficult for potential buyers to see past this. Paint your walls a neutral color, put your collections in storage and present your house as blank canvas.
  5. Messy House / Dirty Dishes – Yes, this happens. Do not assume a buyer will understand that you are busy. Buyers are looking at other houses as well. Which one do you think they can envision themselves in? The spotlessly clean, animal free, neutral property? Or the one with dirty dishes, a yapping dog and vivid colors?
  6. For Sale “As Is.” – The idea of a For Sale By Owner is tempting because you save the commissions. But, take some of these savings and make improvements. See our blog “What to Fix and What to Nix When Selling a Home” for more detailed information. If your house is in poor condition it will be a challenge to sell. A fresh coat of paint and replacing fixtures can do wonders.
  7. People Can’t Find It or See It. With online real estate sites, you can get your property in front of thousands of potential buyers. Get your property online- we like www.listaproperty.com. But that is only a small part of it. Compete with agent listings and put up great photographs and lots of them. Please look at our blog, “The Importance of Photos is Selling or Renting a House.” Which property would you call on? The one with ten bright crisp photographs or the one with one dimly lit photo?
  8. Be Available to Show Your House. Again, you are competing with every house out there. If you are working full time, it might be very difficult to find the time to show your property. You have to be available when people want to see your property. If you can’t show your property, there are plenty of people who can. If you work long hours and have loads of other commitments you can’t break, it will be very hard to sell your property.

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