What to Fix and What to Nix When Selling a Home

Please don’t put a house up for sale with a kitchen looking like this. There are inexpensive fixes that you should take before putting a house on the market. But how do you know what you should spend money and what you should not spend money on?

Whether you are selling apartments in Egypt, properties in Lebanon or villas in Dubai, the recommendations are still the same. While recouping your investment is important, so is the “perceptual” boost the upgrade will give the property.

So here are our tips for what to fix and what to nix when putting a home on the market.

Fix One: Paint.

Always always always put a fresh coat of neutral paint on the walls. A freshly painted home reads as clean, fresh and ready to move into. Neutral doesn’t mean boring it means taupe or soft white. It certainly does not mean blue or red. Those are no nos. Paint is something you can tackle on your own so if your limit is budgeted please do this one fix.

Fix Two: Plumbing.

Fix those leaks and drips. Leaks are often called out as objections during inspection and these are often much cheaper to fix that you might think. Be proactive and do not allow anything in your home to be called out as an objection.

Fix Three: Hardware, faucets, fixtures and finishes.

This is an inexpensive way to update your home. Switch out hinges, drawer handles or pulls, light switches and the hardware in your kitchen and bath. Not only does it modernize your house, it gives that illusion that it is very well taken care of.

Fix Four: Flooring.

If you have stained or worn carpet you must switch it out. Replace it with inexpensive neutral carpet.   Are your wooden floors scuffed and scratched? Then call someone to buff and wax the floors. Are you in love with your 70’s shag carpet? Bless you, but most buyers will not be – it’s time to replace it.

Fix Five: Replace old doors, and any stained toilets and sinks in your house.

These are inexpensive and fast fixes and really provide a stylistic upgrade at little cost.

Now what about things you do not have to fix? There are some things that are better left and strategies to be used if a potential buyer brings it up as an objection.

Don’t Fix One: Kitchen upgrade. 

Do gorgeous kitchens sell homes? You bet. But they easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. Unless your kitchen is really cringe worthy, leave it be. Why? You are not likely to recoup the money spent.  What you should do instead is repaint the cabinets, replace unsightly counters and switch our drawer pulls.

Don’t Fix Two: Costly appliances.

Bet you didn’t see this one coming. Why on earth would we say this? Appliances can be very pricey and homeowners can be picky. Offer a credit and allow buyers to purchase new appliances on your dime. It will be less expensive than buying new appliances and is seen as a great gesture.

Don’t Fix Three: Old windows.

Of course, if you have one or two windows with cracked panes you should replace these. However, this can be a very time consuming and expensive repair. If you have aluminum panes around windows, these can be painted to make them look better. Old wood windows that are in disrepair have a charming feel that help buyers see potential in a house. Keep these windows which show better than inexpensive new windows.

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