Striking Homes for Winter Getaways

Striking Homes for Winter Getaways


With the approach of winter season and winter break faster than you might think, we decided to add more spark to your winter break and provide with the 5 most magical winter places this fall. Whether winter activities usually excite you during this magical break, or whether you wish to escape the cold and rain, our range of homes would help you choose where you should be buying your next winter home.

  1. Mount Lebanon, Lebanon

Popular for its winter activities and events, Mount Lebanon has been the perfect winter spot for a very long time. It never fails to amaze winter activity junkies with the wide range of winter activities that it provides, varying from snowboarding and skiing. It can also be a great place to relax, sit down with a warm mug of hot chocolate and gaze at the snowy mountain peaks where it can get pretty serene and tranquil at such place. If you’re taking your family to Mount Lebanon the villa above could be a perfect choice, where you would only be 20 minutes away from all the ski resorts and 15 minutes away from the capital city Beirut.

  1. Marmaris, Turkey

Other than providing its visitors with glorifying beaches and picturesque views, Marmaris is an ideal winter location for anyone who loves the cold sea breeze, yet not fond of winter activities. Marmaris’ weather is reasonably cold during the day and slowly gets chillier towards its nights. Marmaris’ winter activities are popular with picnic, hiking and cycling trips in its Natural Reserves that hold several animal and bird species. Buy your home this winter and visit Marmaris’ castle and the Sultan’s Hamam this winter.

  1. Cairo, Egypt

This classic villa is an ideal winter and summer home in Cairo. By choosing to purchase this villa, you be investing in an ideal winter and summer home that Cairo. Nowadays, real estate investments are considered to be the smartest form of investments in Egypt as they’re said to provide currently the most returns on investments. Winter activities and events in Cairo are fairly similar and exciting to its summer ones, thus investing in a home in Cairo, would be a perfect real estate investment and like a second hometown.

  1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

However, if you despise winter climate by any means we advise you to think about spending your winter break in Dubai. Dubai is known to host the best shopping festivals during the winter break, where endless activities, entertainment events and shopping sales are offered throughout the break.

  1. Aqaba, Jordan

During December Aqaba is fairly warm compared to regional cities, yet still relatively cold due to its desert climate. Thus it attracts everyone escaping the chilling winter seasons in the MENA region. Even though Aqaba is still perceived as a fairly chilly city, you would be able to go diving in the relatively freezing water if you wish to do so. Tala Bay Resorts offers wonderful hotel apartments for sale, click on the picture above to check them out.

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