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Looking for property is stressful and it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a villa for sale in Dubai or an apartment for rent in New Cairo, the process can be stressful. First and foremost, this is typically the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime. You want to make sure you deal with an agent who has your best interests at heart and you want to make sure that you have been able to see every available property in your area and price range. Sounds simple enough but this is not always easy.

I am currently looking to buy property in Dubai and, all too often, I do not receive a response to inquiries I make. I call but the phone is switched off. I send an email and never hear back. It so frustrating!

Imagine a world, where visitors to a website can leave user generated comments about their experiences.  You, in turn, can use this information to focus on properties that are represented by attentive professionals who don’t just give information about the one property you inquired on, but seek to find the ideal property for you. Welcome to reviews.

Users to our site are now prompted to provide feedback about their interaction with owners, agents, and developers advertising on Feedback gathered includes the following: did the agent respond to your enquiry efficiently? Was the property available? Was the property advertised at the correct price?

User generated content is important. In face a study buy Bazaarvoice says that 8 in 10 Millennials say user-generated content from people they don’t know influences what they buy. And this trend effects every demographic as well. So how do you make sure user generated content benefits you? That’s easy. Just remember our following tips and start collecting positive online feedback

Respond to prospects right away

Have a system in place for responding to inquiries within several hours (maximum). Remember “time is of the essence” and you are competing with every other seller in the market.

Use your reply to qualify the prospect and sell yourself as an agent

An inquiry is the first step in looking for property. Don’t think of this as just a request for information. Use this request to become the agent for the entire process and don’t just answer the question of “is this property available.” Important questions to ask include:

  • Have you been looking for property for long?
  • Do you have special requests regarding your purchase?
  • What areas are you interested in?
  • Would you be interested in spending some time looking at multiple properties in this       area within your budget?

Make sure listing information is detailed and accurate

Always double-check your listing before publishing it. Mistakes happen but it’s frustrating for the client to find a property that is priced at $329,000 only to learn that was a typing error and the property is indeed $392,000.

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