7 Descriptions That Help Your Home Sell Faster

To market any home like a pro, you have to make sure the description adds value to the great photos you have posted (read our first note on the importance of photos).  Most buyers and renters begin their home search online. And yes, listing quality does matter. Make sure you engage them with great photos and a great description. Here are our list of words, phrases and descriptions that really capture buyers’ interest.

  • Walkable to – This is the time to share how amazing your neighborhood is. Homeowners want to know what is near and love having access to shops, parks, cafes, or cultural amenities.
  • Fancy finishes – The book Freakonomics showed that five listing description words correlated with higher purchase prices: granite, corian, maple, state-of-the-art, and gourmet. Now, your area may have words specific to it so choose wisely.
  • “Built-in” or “Custom” – If you have custom features with wide appeal, let buyers know. Examples include: custom bookshelves, closet organizers, artisan built doors, cabinetry, double paned windows, breakfast nooks, etc.
  • On trend features – Agents are aware of what features are in demand at the moment.  An example might be buyers who are looking for homes that are environmentally and financially responsible. So if your home has solar panels, dual – paned windows or other features, let people know.  If your home has name brand design elements let  people know.
  • Kitchen – Buyers love kitchens. Things they are looking for are: prep space, counter space, professional  grade appliances, kitchen islands, and stoves that run on gas (vs. electric) etc. If your kitchen has these, put them in the description.
  • Amenities – What does your house have? Don’t leave important amenities out of the description. Popular amenities include: swimming pool, gym, balconies, covered parking, security.
  • Headline – When posting properties online, an engaging headline is imperative.  There is a huge difference between ‘2 bedroom villa’ and ‘modern 2 bedroom  villa with great views, open floor plan and swimming pool.’

Set yourself apart by crafting well-written descriptions of your property. And do not forget to include great photographs!

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