Home Hacks for a friendlier home for your pets

Having a pet shouldn’t be an alternative to having a nicely decorated home. Yet we usually forget that and end up buying furniture or home items that are either not suitable for our pets, or lack a warm and elegant décor to it. Since we have all experienced firsthand having some of our favorite household items ruined because of our pets, the list below provides you with some home décors and simple home hacks that would make your home a more pet friendly home.

  • Avoid having carpeted floors if you have any baby pets or if you tend to allow your pets to play around in mud, sand or dirt. Carpeted floors are harder to clean fur, paw prints or urine stains from; thus we advise you to go for wood, ceramic or basically any hard surface floors, to avoid wasting further time cleaning after your pet, and to have an easily cleanable home.
  • However, we do know that carpets always add more décor and a friendlier touch to a home; and since you would more likely find your pet sleeping or sitting on them during a cold winter night you can’t get rid of all your carpets. Nevertheless you must vacuum and clean your carpets daily, if it’s not to get rid of your pet’s fur; it’s to get rid of your pet’s odor that easily gets stuck to them.
  • To avoid changing your carpets frequently, choose patterned carpets or ones with similar colors as your pet’s fur. For instance, go for warm and slightly dark carpets if your dog’s fur is dark brown. Your pet’s fur would easily blend with the carpeted floors and your home would not look as messy as it may seem.
  • Steer clear of small, fragile and easily breakable home décor pieces. Cats and dogs find pleasure in jumping from one surface to another, wagging their tails or swatting their paws at anything shiny or interesting. Decorating your home with crystal statues or anything similar would be very risky; instead opt for decorating your rooms with art hangs, such as paintings and photographs.
  • Choose fabrics and materials that are pet friendly for your couches, curtains, chairs and futons. Leather, denim, or sturdy synthetic fabrics look great and are better options than velvet or silky materials for pet owners. These are better resistant to stains, don’t usually catch pet’s fur easily, and don’t get torn easily.
  • Even though we can all agree that plants and flowers could add more life, color and décor to a room, you must make sure that your indoor plants are pet friendly and don’t cause any allergies or medical issues to them.
  • Provide an easy access to your windows, as cats and dogs are usually attracted to window views. Decorate your home in a way you could place a futon or chair next to the window, so your pet could easily find a place to go to when it wants to stare out the window.

If you have a simple home hack that would create a friendlier home for your pet that you would like to share with us, please comment in the comments section below.

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