Handling a Successful Garage Sale

Help clean up your house every once in awhile and clear up the mess and clutter that’s crowding up your home by holding a yard or garage sale today. If you’re moving outside the city or country, or simply moving to a new house, or even want to redesign and renovate your house hold a garage sale today and instead of throwing stuff away, make some money out of selling your old or unwanted things.

We decided to come up with a couple of pointers that would help you hold a successful garage and yard sale for anyone who has never held one before. We also advice anyone who held an unsuccessful garage sale before to go through our list of simple tips that would definitely help with your next garage sale.

  1. Choose and Plan a layout

After choosing the date of the garage sale, the next most important thing would be choosing and planning the layout. How will you display your items? Will you have to rent or borrow desks and chairs? Answer these questions and try to categorize the items you’re selling in several subcategories, where it would be easier for the buyers to rummage through them and so it would be easier for you to locate any item if someone is asking for it. For instance place books, kitchen utensils and clothes in smaller categories that would be easier for a buyer to understand and go through.

  1. Advertise your garage sale

From local newspapers to garage sale groups on social media we advise you to get the word out to maximum number of people. Selling actual valuables and objects in good shapes in garage sale does not guarantee a successful sale if no one knows about it.

  1. Add price tags to all items offered for sale

Having price tags to every single item would save a ton of hassle. Buyers would less likely negotiate the prices of the items offered for sale, and even if they do negotiate the price they would never ask for ridiculously lower prices compared to the original prices.

  1. Avoid overpricing

In regards to the prior tip, try to avoid overpricing the items you’re selling. As much as we all despise price negotiations, we would rather negotiate prices and sell in the end than not sell a single item in our garage sale. Remember that the main idea behind the garage sale is not to generate revenue but to get rid of the excess items that you no longer need in your house.

  1. Mingle with the buyers

Garage and yard sale usually encourage more people to attend, socialize and later on bye if they enjoyed their garage sale experience. However, some are uncomfortable with small talks and with the owner following them everywhere, hence try to guess your buyers type, as some would rather go through the items selected for sale on their own, without you intruding or acting like a pushy seller.

  1. Further reduce prices on the last day

The primer reason everyone holds a garage sale is to get rid of unwanted items that you no longer use, and at the same time make money by reselling those items, instead of just throwing them away. Thus on the last day of the garage sale further reduce the prices of the displayed items to get rid of them.

  1. Don’t forget the change

Since nowadays almost everyone uses credit cards, most of the buyers wouldn’t have change to pay the exact amount of the item. Be thoughtful and get ready to the garage sale’s first set of buyers by having smaller money bills and exchange that you could give back to the buyers.

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