5 Photos That Sell a Property

In English we say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And this could not be truer when it comes to photographs and property listings. When people search for a property, photographs are the first thing a potential client sees. According to Trulia.com, “84% of buyers said they would not consider buying a photo-less listing.” Yes, you read that correctly, 84%.

We see too many listings without photos (and have considered not allowing photo-less listings on our site.) Really nice photographs – not the kind that are half-hazardly taken with a cell phone – can hook the buyer and result in sales. Imagine what would happen to your sales if every listing in your inventory had really great photographs.

Really great photographs are more than just a pretty picture. There are certain features that buyers want to see. And if you aren’t showcasing these things, potential buyers might potentially skip your ad and call on the listings that do.

So what to buyers want to see? We present the following.

Kitchens. This one can make or break a sale. If you are selling a property with a fabulous kitchen, make this the focus point of your advertisement. Make sure all clutter is removed and put a bowl of lemons, oranges or cherries on the counter for a great pop of color. If the kitchen has high end finishes, showcase these.

The Master Bedroom– What people really want to see is size. Take a photo from the corner of the room to emphasize the size of the bedroom. Highlight great windows, a balcony and built-ins. Potential buyers want to the see the inside of closets so make sure to show this. And yes, all clutter must be cleared away and the closets need to be tidy. Make sure the linens are modern and that the bed is impeccable made.

The Master Bathroom– It is easy to make a master bath look enticing and spa-like if you pay attention to details. Always close the toilet lid, accent the bath with fresh towels, make sure it spotlessly clean before you shoot. And as always, clear the clutter.

The Living Room– Buyers not only want to see the living room, they want to envision how amazing it can be. Staging may be in order for the property. If the living room currently contains dated furniture, remove it and replace it with modern furniture. If the living room has storage and built-ins, highlight these. Does the living room open out to a patio or garden? Show this with a photograph. If the walls are cluttered with photos, remove them and always have a fresh coat of paint throughout the house.

The Exterior. Show the exterior of your listings. Both the front and back of the house (or apartment block). And it should go without saying, make sure the yard is clean and inviting.

Great photographs can be the difference between a viewer clicking on “contact the agent” and clicking on the arrow button for the next the listing. We see a lot of poorly photographed listings and this is an easy way to make your listings stand out.

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