5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Property

While there are many reasons why a home may not sell, all too often a seller falls victim to some easy to prevent mistakes.  See the following “tips” for why your home may not be selling.

You are trying to sell it as a “for sale by owner” and do not have the correct market knowledge or time to do so.  While we are proponents of For Sale By Owner, we are also fully aware that this is not for everyone. Often time you need the help of a professional who knows true market values, how to market a property and can be available to show the property at a moment’s notice.

Too many repairs have not been made. People often think that they do not want to put money in a house that they are selling. Far too often people lose more money in the sale than the cost of repairs would have been. Always make repairs before putting your house on the market. You are competing with every other house for sale – make yours standout.

Too much clutter. We write about this one a lot. Clutter is off putting. While you may really like your clutter, potential buyers do not. Put knick knacks, collections, and non-essential furniture in storage. Keep your wardrobes neat, keep your all counters free of clutter. All appliances should be put in cupboards and not be on the counters. Childrens’ toys should be stored out of sight, beds should always be made, and laundry should be put away. If you have any unsightly furniture in your yard, have it removed.

The house is empty. A house with furniture shows much better and sells. There is a reason why developers always have a model unit. They know that having a furnished model results in more sales. So what are you to do if you have moved and taken your furniture with you? Talk to your agent about staging your property. There are options.

You are asking too much or too little. This is where agents can really help if you have tried to sell as a For Sale By Owner with no luck. If your house is mis-priced, people won’t see it as it does not fall within their budget.

Your agent is there to help. If your house isn’t selling ask them for their input. If they cannot provide a reasonable answer, you might want to consider finding a new one.

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